IMPORTANT NEWS: ASFNM Makes Significant Changes to Commissioning Process


The board of directors of the Ann Stookey Fund for New Music, in consultation with the members of the advisory board, has decided to make important changes to the Fund’s commissioning process.
Effective immediately, the Fund will no longer conduct an open grant application process. Instead, the board has asked the members of the advisory board to work collaboratively to bring the Fund one or more new commissions to be considered for funding each year.
The funding – approximately $25,000 per year – will alternate between liturgical commissions in even-numbered years and secular/concert music projects in odd-numbered years.
The four members of the advisory board who are primarily focused on liturgical works will collaborate to propose new commissions in that genre, and the members of the advisory board who are primarily focused on secular and concert music will collaborate to propose works in that genre.
The Fund was created to promote the commissioning of new music, and in its first two years the Fund accepted applications on an open basis.
“While it has been rewarding to see so much interest in the Fund’s efforts, and some wonderful new work has been commissioned, the amount of work involved in an open application process simply became overwhelming for what is a small volunteer project,” said ASFNM chair Joe Waz. “This summer, I proposed to the advisory board members a new process – asking them to work together to bring to the board their collective recommendations for proposed commissions for works that their choral organizations will commit to perform. The advisory board reacted enthusiastically.
“This new process will permit the Fund to bring new quality works into the choral repertoire and will ensure multiple performances of each new work in the various regions of the country,” Waz continued. “I regret that the application process has to be changed, but I am confident that the new process will lead to a significant expansion of the repertoire which will benefit choral organizations worldwide.”
One or more new commissions will be announced on February 2, 2016.

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