About Us

Ann StookeyThe Ann Stookey Fund for New Music (“Ann Stookey Fund” or “ASFNM”) supports the commissioning, performance, and recording of new musical works, with a particular focus on choral works.

Ann Stookey was an avid amateur choral singer who performed in the alto section of Episcopal church choirs in Washington, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles from 1988-2012. She was a fan and cheerleader for choral music in all of its forms, and particularly appreciated work that broke new musical ground.

In 2012, Ann died suddenly at the age of 60 in Paris. Her family established the Ann Stookey Fund in her memory shortly after her passing.

ASFNM is based in Los Angeles, California. Its advisory board is representative of leading choral organizations in the United States and abroad.

ASFNM commissions works based on the recommendations of the members of its advisory board.